Keith Ann Frenz performing at Smokey J's Deli & Pizza

Thats right! on the Square. in Marshfield @ Smokey J's


Saturday January 30th 6-8pm

Come join us for great food, good music and a good time with friends!  We look forward to seeing you!

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Full Service BBQ menu - Smokey J's Marshfield, Mo

We are excited to provide you the opportunity to taste the best BBQ around!!! Our goal is to provide you with the best food and service available.  We think we have made our menu a little more awesome for you....

Check out what we have available at Smokey J's:

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Thanksgiving Day Smoked Turkey Special - Smokey J's + Fat Boys BBQ Marshfield, Mo

Let us prepare you the best tasting you can enjoy more time with your family!

Only $40!!!

Order your smoked turkey today - pick up 9:00AM Thanksgiving Day @ Smokey J's on the square

Turkeys are 12 - 14 lbs.  Need to feed a larger group Thanksgiving Day?  No problem! Pick desired amount of turkeys in the form below!

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Accepting orders now through 11/19/2015!! 

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Soup of the Day-Smokey Js Marshfield, MO Restaurant


It's hard to beat a cup of hot soup during a cold Missouri winter.

Let us help keep you warm with some of the town's favorites!


Monday:    Broccoli & Cheese 

Tuesday: Broccoli & Cheese and Loaded Baked Potato 

Wednesday: Broccoli & Cheese and French Onion 

Thursday: Broccoli & Cheese and Loaded Baked Potato 

Friday: Broccoli & Cheese and French Onion 

Saturday: Broccoli & Cheese


Starts This Fall ~ 11/2/15


Fresh new healthy flavors! Smokey J's - Marshfield, MO

Smokey J's is proud to announce our fresh new healthy flavors! We now offer gluten-free pizza crust with many healthy topping options. Turn your sandwich into a salad for a fast, fresh lunch that's heart-healthy. 

Here at Smokey J's we understand busy days and know you may be in a hurry. Be a step ahead by checking out our pizza menu page or sandwich menu page to know what you're craving.  

Hope to see you soon!